Case Study | Kubernetes

  • In-house: Organizations can transform their own data center into a K8s cluster. In this case, companies can take full advantage of their own resources.
  • Cloud: The setup process is similar to an in-house deployment, but includes virtual machines on the cloud. This allows for the creation of a virtually infinite number of machines, depending on demand.
  • Hybrid: An organization’s data center might perform well for most of the day, but sometimes a peak occurs that local computing resources cannot handle. In this case, a hybrid solution works well. When necessary, K8s will create virtual machines on the cloud to better distribute computing resources when on-premise servers are full.
  • On-premise: Some cloud providers have their own K8s implementation embedded. In this case, there is no need to deploy and configure Kubernetes itself; an organization just needs to manage the service. Since deploying Kubernetes can be tricky, this is a good solution for companies that do not have a big IT team capable of handling cluster configuration and maintenance.
  • Multicloud: This is the next level of a hybrid cloud solution. Computing resources are deployed among two or more cloud vendors. In this case, companies need to avoid vendor lock-in and minimize risk if something goes wrong.

Use Cases

Pinterest’s Kubernetes Story

Image credits: Pinterest

Pokemon Go’s Kubernetes Story

Image credits: iThome




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Divya Kurothe

Divya Kurothe

Devops Enthusiast

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