Everything about JavaScript

What is JavaScript?

History of JavaScript

The first non-beta version of Netscape Navigator (Source: ARN)
The most popular programming languages in Stack Overflow’s 2018 Developer Survey.

JavaScript’s Popularity

Features of JavaScript

General JavaScript Features

1. Validating User’s Input

2. Simple Client-side Calculations

3. Greater Control

4. Platform Independent

5. Handling Dates and Time

6. Generating HTML Content

7. Detecting the User’s Browser and OS

Modern JavaScript Features

1. Let/Const

2. Arrow Functions

3. Template Literal

4. New Array Functions

5. Default Parameters

6. Property Shorthand

Uses of JavaScript

1. Web Development

2. Web Applications

3. Presentations

4. Server Applications

5. Web Servers

6. Games

7. Art

8. Smartwatch Applications

9. Mobile Applications

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