Divya Kurothe

Nov 9, 2020

2 min read

Python Menu

In this article, we will deal with a Python program that can be used to run Linux commands (I’ve used rhel8 os). This program is a drop-down menu that gives the user a choice list and the user can proceed with his/her required option. Python has an OS module that can be used to run or execute Linux commands. The os module helps interact with the Operating System.

Here some technologies i’ve used to implemented this program and create menu:

  1. Linux shell scripting
  2. Docker
  3. Configuring the web.
  4. Apache Hadoop
  5. AWS Cloud

Here are some screenshots of the same

My teammates :

  1. Nitin Tilwani
  2. Yashraj Maharan
  3. Tanisha Jain

I would also like to thank Arth learner Gaurav Khore for his guidance and support.

And here is the GitHub Repository of the same:

Thanks for reading :)